Velvet Engineering

Technical Engineering for Maritime Turnkey Companies

We believe clarity and simplicity are the most powerful tools as well as a vehicle to happiness

We show you the big picture. All of it. And make sure it makes sense in 3D.

Today, most of the ship interior engineering design is made in 2D. You see complex drawings of overlapping lines and blindly hope for the best.

We are Velvet Engineering, your secret weapon in ship interior engineering.

We design and visualise all our products and environments in 3D. 17 years in the business has taught us, that making sure everyone in the room understands what they are seeing is the key to productive and successful work.


less changes & additional work on site

3D allows you to catch errors on the go, while with 2D you might only discover them too late – on the site


less time spent reading the drawings

Forget about flipping endless piles of papers on the site and experience effective collaboration thanks to the online 3D-models


more efficient material purchase process

With 3D, the material quantities are updated automatically according to design changes. No large material surplus, less unused material bought and more accurate price for the materials by contractors

That's about it.
Got your attention?


Telliskivi Loomelinnak,
Telliskivi 60 a,
10412 Tallinn, Estonia